It’s not about pushing pixels around.
It’s about making people understand.

My expertise: Using design & digital media to inform, inspire and persuade.

I specialize in creating visual explanations, communicating complex concepts and processes.

In producing informative videos, presentations and animations.

In creating meaningful visualization concepts.

In designing goal-oriented marketing and training tools.

My methodology is based on understanding the way people see.
How they learn and perceive.
I transform raw data into information. Information into knowledge.
Rather than create pretty designs, my aim is to bring significant added value to every project I undertake.


20 years of experience, as a designer, producer & consultant.
Over 500 different projects created.
Each one is original and hand-crafted.
No templates. No re-heated concepts. No two projects are alike.

I create: Information design, Video & multimedia presentations – end-to-end solutions; Visualization concepts



InfoMedia provides services at high levels and with the rare combination of:
– Vast range of expertise, allowing one-stop-shop approach for complex projects
– Delivering at reasonable cost and in time
– Being a great partner in flexible project management, handling successfully requests of multiple project stakeholders
– Thinking big, being able to handle projects of large scale, delivering substantial innovation to large enterprises
to name just a few.

InfoMedia became a part of the successful implementation of a complex HP Graphic Arts solutions partner program for which I am responsable. It is a pleasure to recommend its services for any party of any scale that is seeking for out-of-the box solutions with reasonable and successful risk management.

I have had the good fortune of working with Bezalel both as a client, when I hired him for various marketing projects as VP Marketing in several technology-based companies I had served in, as well as collaborating with him in my status as an independent marketing consultant. Bezalel is an extremely effective designer, with extensive experience in diverse design disciplines – from online-based platform through GUI and marcom tools of all sorts. His out-of-the-box approach has consistently proven a valuable asset, and working with him is always a great and rewarding experience!
I have known Bezalel for several years and he rendered media, web and graphic consulting services as well as managed Web & graphic creation projects for me at several companies where I was the CEO. Bezalel is a true Pro. He is extremely creative, familiar with all the necessary tools of his field and his output has been admired by executives, analysts and media professionals.
He has high integrity, delivers on time and makes an extra effort to really understands the fine details such that his work will be as close to perfect as possible.

As such I have no hesitation to give Bezalel the highest level of recommendation.

I am participating in a group show in Tel-Aviv, as part of my postgraduate Fine Art studies at Hamidrasha, Faculty of the Arts. See more

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